Heavy Brush Clearing Services in Nashville

You may have a piece of land that would be great for a new home or business, or maybe to use for outdoor activities, but it is full of heavy, thick brush that makes it unusable. This is where Nothing But Chips brush clearing services comes in! I’m Mike Williams, owner and operator of Nothing But Chips Land Clearing Company, and my brush clearing service in Nashville is fast, affordable, and done exactly to your specifications.


“This performance of this company was great and with very reasonable cost exceeded my expectation. I contacted Nothing But Chips Inc. about my need to have property cleared so as to transform it from an over grown wooded acreage with heavy brush and undesired trees with extensive undergrowth to an aesthetically appealing site suitable for the construction of a new home with a two acre lawn. Given a short notice to Nothing But Chips Inc. to complete the job in three work days I was delighted at the punctuality and adherence to promised work schedule. There was good communication and responsiveness to instructions related to all aspects of the work needed to meet the goals and objectives I had established for the job.”

-Sterlin Adams

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Some people who call me know exactly what they want their land to look like once it has been cleared of all the brush while others are just starting to think about it and aren’t sure what to do yet. No matter where you fall on the scale, I’ve dealt with it before and I can help you, too. If you’re roaring to get your brush clearing job going, we’ll get started quickly and have it done even faster. If you’re still forming your final vision, I will enthusiastically work with you to evaluate the area and come up with the best solution. We can even partially clear the brush it to open up the view and give you a better idea of the optimal use of your property. Call the Nothing But Chips Land Clearing Company today for the best brush clearing services in Nashville!

You might be wondering how much my brush clearing services cost. The answer should be pleasantly surprising to you! I strive to provide brush clearing services at a very affordable price. The estimate I provide for you will be based on a number of factors and I am always transparent about what you should expect. 

Give me a call today and let’s talk about brush clearing services in Nashville and how we can work together to get your property cleared of thick brush and ready to use for whatever you’re planning! I am passionate about what I do and passionate about helping the people of Nashville get the most out of their land!