Land Clearing Costs

The first question most people have is of course about cost, which of course makes a lot of sense. Land clearing jobs vary widely and it can be quite difficult for someone to know what they should expect. Because of this, the best thing to do is give me a call and we can talk about the details of your job and what it might cost.

I believe in being totally transparent and helping people get the most for their money. So here are the factors that can impact an estimate of the cost of land clearing for any given job.


  1. Land Use

We start with your end use in mind. The techniques I might use for a business could vary from the techniques I would use for someone looking to build a home. Or maybe you want to turn your land into a place to enjoy the outdoors.


  1. Location

The location of the job tells me a lot about what to expect from the terrain and if we’re likely to encounter rocks that need to be dealt with. I also factor in equipment travel expenses.


  1. Time

One of the biggest predictors of cost is how long the job will take to complete. I strive to work fast and my customers are often surprised at how quickly I can get through jobs. That said, more trees means that the job will take more time. If we’re chipping the wood, smaller chips also take more time.


  1. Thoroughness

There can be a big difference between fully clearing land and leaving some of the bigger trees. Keeping some trees can not only save you time and thus money, but can add to the value and beauty of your property.


  1. Stump Removal

I also do stump removal, which can add to the final cost. However, taking out the stumps as you do your land clearing will save you a lot in the long run. I can pull stumps quickly by using specialized equipment.


  1. What To Do With Fallen Trees

There are several options for getting rid of the trees after they’ve been removed from the ground. Burning, decomposition, wood chipping, and hauling them away intact are all options. The best choice for you depends on your situation.


  1. Wood Chip Removal

Do you need me to haul away the wood chips after the job?


  1. Time of Year

Even though most people think about land clearing during the summer, winter can be a cheaper time to clear land, because there aren’t all the green leaves that need to be mulched, chipped, or hauled away.


My customers like my work so well because I spend time upfront clearly defining the deliverable, establishing your vision, and giving you as accurate an estimate as possible. Give me a call today and let’s talk about your land clearing job and get you an estimate that works for you!