Tree Removal and Land Clearing in Nashville TN

Nothing But Chips happily provides land clearing and tree removal to Nashville TN and the Middle Tennessee area. I’m Mike Williams, owner and operator of Nothing But Chips, and I personally do all of the land clearing work. No contractors or subcontractors. When you work with me, you know exactly who you’re dealing with! Give me a call at (615) 838-4543 to schedule your land clearing job!

I do everything you need to care for your residential or commercial property, from removing multiple trees and stumps to full land clearing. I know that tree and land clearing can be a difficult task, especially for those who live in a lush forested area full of trees. For this reason, I am happy to offer customers my years of knowledge and experience working in the thick forests of the Nashville area. I will professionally clear any amount of land and trees for you and assist you with everything that comes during and after the process, all at an honest and affordable price.

Tree Clearing Nashville

I will approach each tree removal service request with what you care about as my number one focus. So, if you have something specific you care about that you would like done to your residential or commercial land, give me a call; I will give you a free tree removal quote! If you do not know what you would like done, that is all right. I am happy to come in and clear all of the small brush and remove the stumps for you, or begin with tree trimming and pruning to open up the area. We can then discuss different tree and stump removal, land clearing, and forestry mulching options with you to give you some ideas on what to do to make your tree clearing perfect for years to come.

Trust Nothing But Chips as your local land clearing and tree removal service in Nashville TN. I know the business as well as the land, and I have the tools and the years of experience to do it right. Most importantly, I truly care! I want to make sure that you are happy and have your land and home how you want it. Get in contact with Nothing But Chips today! Call (615) 838-4543

How We Do Our Tree Removal in Nashville


“Mike spent quite a bit of time with myself and my wife to really understand what our vision was and what we needed done. He completely understood our vision and had no issues with any of it. He added some of his personal touches and in a couple of years when the grass grows in it is going to be a spectacular place to come home to. I would recommend Mike to anyone anytime, anyplace. I will be having Mike come back and clear some more land when that time comes. Don’t waste your time with anyone else, have Mike come and take care of all your land needs.”

-Tony D

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Nothing But Chips’s tree removal service in Nashville works with you and your trees and land to find the best solution for your landscape, whether you need stump removal, all the trees removed, or selective tree removal to take out only dead and damaged trees. I do commercial and residential tree removal in Nashville TN without damaging the property or any trees that you care about and want kept. Whether you want the trees gone, turned into firewood, sold for lumber, or mulched, I have the tree removal solution that will work best for you and your home or property.


Take a look at a video of one of the ways I remove trees!



Tree Removal Nashville