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After they clear their land, many people aren’t necessarily sure what to do with the fallen trees. Nothing But Chips Land Clearing has the answer, along with the experience and tools, to help you through the process with affordable wood chipping service near you! Nothing But Chips Land Clearing is run by me, Mike Williams. I do all of the wood chipping and fallen tree removal in Nashville myself. I offer agricultural, commercial, and residential fallen tree removal services that are quick, painless, and affordable. Give me a call at (615) 838-4543 to talk about your options!


Experience has taught me that the best way to deal with felled trees is to not haul them from the forest still intact, but to grind the trees right there where they fell, which ensures they do not damage the property or the surrounding trees. Utilizing my professional tree and stump wood chipping in Nashville will make sure that your once-difficult-to-deal-with trees are now nothing but chips! This way you don’t have to deal with moving anything and your property will assuredly remain undamaged.

At Nothing But Chips Land Clearing, I offer tree, wood, brush, and stump grinding in Nashville—and I even offer a free quote on the job you want done so that you know up front what the cost will be. I know that not everyone is able to burn their fallen trees, nor simply leave them where they fell. That is why I offer our wood chipping services in Nashville. I know the area well, and I am happy to work with you to the best of my ability. Nothing But Chips will give you the best service at the best price, which is why I’m proud to say, the risk is on me when it comes to your project.

I offer a variety of services beyond just wood chipping to make certain that your land looks its best, including selective land clearing and full forestry mulching If you have something specific in mind, I am willing to work with you and accommodate your exact landscaping needs. If you are not sure what the best option is, one of my favorite things to do is to help you explore your options and come up with a plan that works perfectly for both you and your land. Call today! (615) 838-4543

Fallen Tree Removal Nashville



“Mike spent quite a bit of time with myself and my wife to really understand what our vision was and what we needed done. He completely understood our vision and had no issues with any of it. He added some of his personal touches and in a couple of years when the grass grows in it is going to be a spectacular place to come home to. I would recommend Mike to anyone anytime, anyplace. I will be having Mike come back and clear some more land when that time comes. Don’t waste your time with anyone else, have Mike come and take care of all your land needs.”

-Tony D

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