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Land Clearing Services in Nashville & Middle Tennessee

At Nothing But Chips Land Clearing, a land clearing company in Nashville, TN, I take pride in every job I do, no matter how big or small. Nothing But Chips Land Clearing is owned and operated by longtime Nashville resident Mike Williams. I personally take care of every land clearing job, from the initial estimate to the final satisfaction check with you. Get in touch with me today to get a free quote on land clearing services and find out why Nothing But Chips Land Clearing has been trusted with land clearing in Middle Tennesse by so many folks. Just check out my testimonials!

1-Day, No Obligation Land Clearing Demo

Confused about land clearing? You’re not alone. Many of my customers don’t know how to get started or what they want done with their land. Let me put you at ease with a 1-day, no obligation land clearing demonstration. Get a real “before and after” on your own property! Contact me to schedule your affordable, no-risk-guaranteed, 1-day free demo and get your project started today! Find out why Nothing But Chips stands behind every job we complete.

If you have land you need fully cleared, a select number of trees that need to be removed, or many stumps that need to be pulled out of the ground, we can help. With affordable land clearing services and an eagerness to help you realize your vision of what your land can be (or help you decide what to do with it!), Nothing But Chips Land Clearing delivers results that you’ll love. Many of my land clearing customers are shocked to see how beautiful their land is once it’s been cleared, and are shocked at how little it cost them to do it!

Land Clearing Services by Mike Williams



Saving You Time and Money On Your Land Clearing Job

When you work with me for your land clearing job, you’ll save a ton of time and money by pulling the stumps at the same time that we do the land clearing. Other land clearing companies may leave the stumps in the ground, or you may decide to leave them for later in order to try to lower your cost for land clearing. However, removing stumps after the tree is gone is much more difficult, time consuming, and costly. I am able to pull stumps right out of the ground in less than a minute. Your total cost to fully clear your land will be less, your time investment shorter, and you’ll be able to use your newly cleared land right away!

See a video of my stump pulling in action!

✔ What I Do…

Residential, commercial, and farmland land clearing services

Lot clearing services without burning or burying

Habitat enhancement

Hiking trails, pathways, logging roads, minor on-site roads

Fence row clearing restoration

Selective tree removal

Complete tree stump removal using special fast stump remover

Post hole drilling

Bush hogging

Holes drilled for tree planting


Building pad dirt work for small to medium size structures

Special log shear for cutting large amount of fire wood quickly

✖ What I Don’t Do…

Logging or buying timber

Traditional tree topping


Work in dense urban areas. Most of our Middle Tennessee land clearing projects are in rural areas, farms, and open lots.

Commercial road building

Single tree removal or tree trimming

Rip people off. I am true to my word!

 Land Clearing Nashville

About Mike

My name is Mike Williams, I’m the founder of Nothing But Chips Land Clearing. I personally do all the land clearing in Middle Tennessee and Nashville to ensure my process and your property meets your expectations. I can even help you envision how you want your land to look. I have developed a “good eye” for what it takes to make wooded land usable and looking great. As the previous owner of Nashville Shores, I know how unused, ugly land can be transformed to have an inviting appeal. At Nothing But Chips Land Clearing, I have twelve specialized attachments and equipment to be fast, effective and affordable.

Are you ready to transform your property?

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