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Stopping the Spread of Privet

How to Remove Chinese Privet Forever

Privet, and in the middle Tennessee specifically, Chinese Privet, is one of the most invasive species of trees around. Within 5 years, and few plants of Privet can invade an entire forest, choking out every decent tree around and over crowding the land. Removal of privet can be tricky but can be done. The two ways that we have successfully done this many times in the past is this:

  1. Forestry Mulch the privet
  2. Pull out the privet from the ground and then mulch the remains

The first option, strictly forestry mulching, is an excellent option. We bring in our heavy duty forestry equipment and basically mow down on the privet and undergrowth on your land. What this does is that it opens up the forest to more light and nutrients, allowing the good trees to mature and grow. The positive with this approach is that it is quick and easy. The only downside is that because we are not pulling the privet out of the ground, it will try to grow back over time if you do not maintain it, either by spraying or simply mowing.

The second option, is where we literally remove the privet from the ground, roots and all. And then we mulch it with our forestry mulcher. It does take a little more time to get the job done, but it ensures that the existing privet wont grow back over time.

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